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MLB Trade Rumors: Padres Not Including Adrian Gonzalez in 2010 Promotion Campaign

I just saw this link from a few days ago, but it appears it is a virtual certaintly that the Padres will deal star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez this season. This from's Scott Miller:

Take a look at the Padres' promotions planned for this summer and it is difficult to decipher anything other than nobody here figures Gonzalez will be around for the entire season.

Five bobblehead nights are planned for the summer featuring David Eckstein, Chase Headley, Kyle Blanks, Clayton Richard and Everth Cabrera ... but no Gonzalez.

One replica jersey night is planned featuring pitcher Chris Young ... but no Gonzalez.

The cover of the media guide features Petco Park ... but no Gonzalez.

"I know, there are no bobblehead dolls for me or Heath [Bell, the Padres' closer who also has been subject to numerous trade rumors]," Gonzalez says. "I really don't care. From a personal perspective, people always bring it up to me. I don't know ... they want to promote the younger guys, I guess. I get that."

I imagine mixed league owners will not change their ranking for Gonzalez going into 2010 drafts, but NL-only league owners will have to think about the possibility of Adrian Gonzalez being dealt to an AL team this season. How much does his draft day value drop?

In one of my NL-only keeper leagues, the owner is retaining him at $30. Is this a smart move?

I wish I knew what he went for in the NL LABR draft.