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Fantasy Baseball: What's In a Name?

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Nearly every fantasy player has fallen victim to it at one point or another: A player ends up on your team that is not performing to the standard that his name says he should. It's hard because they did something to earn that name and the reputation that goes with it. For our purposes though, production remains the same regardless of whether it's done by Player A or Player B.

For example, take these players' projected statistics for the 2010 season (from CHONE):

  • Player A: .275/56 R/13 HR/53 RBI/1 SB (133 games)
  • Player B: .275/61 R/11 HR/65 RBI/3 SB (137 games)

Same players, but from Bill James' projections:

  • Player A: .283/61 R/14 HR/62 RBI/1 SB (140 games)
  • Player B: .275/70 R/13 HR/76 RBI/6 SB (146 games)

Without any other information, which of these players would you want for your team?

The idea behind this exercise is to make sure that as a fantasy owner you don't get hung up on whether or not a player has a specific name or not. Too often it seems like we can end up making decisions based on names, and not on value. I think it would be safe to say that each of these two players are projected to have similar stats.

Anyone have guesses as to who these two players are (and no he's not pictured here)? And which would you rather have based on the information available?