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2010 NL LABR Draft Results: Rotowire's NL Team

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Here are Dalton Del Don's NL LABR draft results from last weekend:

Pos Player Price
C Chris Iannetta 12
C Ryan Doumit 11
1B Bobby Crosby 1
2B Chase Utley 35
3B Chipper Jones 15
SS Orlando Cabrera 14
CI Troy Glaus 13
MI Placido Polanco 16
OF Carlos Gonzalez 24
OF Nyjer Morgan 22
OF Scott Hairston 7
OF Tony Gywnn Jr. 3
OF Aaron Cunningham 1
U Matt Gamel 3
P Johan Santana 22
P Roy Oswalt 15
P Tim Hudson 12
P Stephen Strasburg 9
P Kenshin Kawakami 3
P Brad Lidge 11
P Jason Motte 3
P Drew Storen 4
P Peter Moylan 1
P Pedro Martinez 3
B Andrew Miller R
B Jason Giambi R
B Dan Meyer R
B Jeff Samardzija R
B Simon Castro R
B Jason Michaels R

A couple player's that stand out are Johan Santana at $22, Chipper Jones at $15 and Nyjer Morgan at $22. I like all three of them at those prices, especially Jones and Morgan. I am curious what these prices say about Morgan's ability to repeat his 2009 season, and Jones and Santana's ability to return from injuries. I would take them at those prices.

Here is what Del Don had to say about his Santana buy:

As for my pitching, I don't even necessarily like Johan Santana. Hopefully last year's declining strikeout rate can be directly attributed to the bone chips removed during the offseason, and it's worth noting he doesn't turn 31 years old until Saturday, and Citi Field played as a pretty good pitcher's park last season. I was kind of caught price enforcing here, and honestly, I'd prefer Tommy Hanson, Clayton Kershaw and even Cole Hamels to him in 2010, but we are talking about one of the most dominant pitchers of the past decade, and it's also pretty safe to assume he was pitching with a damaged arm for a while in 2009; he had 86 strikeouts over 66 innings with a 1.77 ERA over the first two months last season. Still, I didn't necessarily want him, but I thought he'd go for more.

 I think Del Don spread his money around well. But I am surprised that Placido Polanco went for more than Chipper Jones, and I wouldn't pay that much for Orlando Cabrera.

I like the Strasburg price as he should be up by June and could produce a solid Tommy Hanson-like season in 2010. I like Del Don's strategy although he is lacking some power.