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ILLZ's 1B rankings

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Here's my take:

Tier 1:

1.  Pujols

2.  Teixera

3.  Fielder


Tier 2:

4.  M-Cab

5.  Howard

6.  Morneau

7.  A-Gonz

8.  Reynolds

9.  Youkilis


Tier 3:

10.  Votto

11.  Sandoval

12.  Berkman

13.  Morales

14.  V-Mart

15.  Dunn

16.  Pena

17.  Butler

18.  D-Lee


Tier 4 (Just missed):

Cuddyer, Jones, Loney, Laroche, Konerko, Davis, Helton


The big argument at first base this year seems to be the order of the guys after Pujols and before Morneau, Gonzalez, Youkilis, Votto, etc.  I really think you have to take Teixera over Prince, Howard, and M-Cab.  Teixera has zero injury risk, is in the prime of his career, in the best lineup in baseball, and in a launching pad of a home park.  Sure, the other 3 guys are all more capable of putting up the monster season, but you have to go with Teixera's consistency over the other 3.  I'm worried about Howard's batting average downside and struggles against lefties.  I'm worried about Cabrera's drinking problem.  And I'm worried about Fielder eating himself out of the league or getting hurt as a result of his weight, similar to how it ended for his father.