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Zach Abrams First Base Rankings

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2010 First Base Rankings.

The following rankings are based on 5 x 5 rotisserie scoring.

1- Albert Pujols

2- Prince Fielder

3-Miguel Cabrera

4-Mark Teixeira

5- Ryan Howard

6- Joey Votto

7- Justin Morneau

8- Kevin Youkilis

9- Lance Berkman

10- Adrian Gonzalez

11- Derek Lee

12- Kendry Morales

13- Adam Dunn

14- Billy Butler

15- Carlos Pena

16- Michael Cuddyer

17- James Loney

18- Chris Davis

19- Garret Jones

20- Todd Helton

First base is extremely deep this season, like it is most years. However, this year especially, you can wait to grab a first baseman, and still snag a potential 30+ HR guy in the middle to late rounds. There are five guys on this list who can potentially be drafted in the first round, depending on team totals or preference. I have Howard as my 5th ranked 1B, due to his decreasing potency against left handers. His HR and SLG totals have been in a sharp decline against LHP, and I expect this to continue. Don't be fooled by last years average, as I also foresee another sub .270 batting average.

Two players who I think can be pleasant surprises this season in returning value are Billy Butler, and James Lones. The hype machine has been pumping Butlers name for months, and many are expecting 30 homeruns. Thirty Home Runs may be asking a lot, but a .290 90r 25hr 100rbi season out of Butler, would make many people do back flips.

Loney on the other hand may be at the short end of the Joe Torre line up musical chairs game he plays every year. Kemp MUST be brought into the heart of the line up, and Loney may be pushed down. I do expect him to continue to grow, and 20 home runs, and a .300+ average is not unrealistic.

If you see yourself on the short end of the first tier 1B run, dont panic, and draft another position. The Firsebase pool is very deep, and all the position scarcity fans will rejoice for now.