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2010 AL LABR Results:'s Lawr Michaels

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Here is Lawr Michaels AL LABR draft results. I am not sure what his strategy was, but I am not crazy about his team.

c-pierzinski $13
c-powell (i tried for pena on kc, but not enough bucks at the end) $1
1b-overbay (ok, but probably waited too long) $13
3b-figgins $24
ss-aybar $16
mi-pennington (putting my money where my mouth is) $7
ci-ka'ihue (by product of waiting too long on overbay and running out of bucks. do have quinlan on the bench) $1
o-kubel $21
o-rivera $13
o-cust $8
o-hermida $11
o-c. guillen $8
dh-winn $3
p-sabathia $28
p-burnett $14
p-dicek $10
p-cahill $6
p-masterson $3
p-pavano $3
p-nathan (flew out at five am, straight to yard, then to draft. did not see injury. and, got fuentes to spell) $17
p-fuentes $14
p-rodney $3

r-m. harrison
r-a. gallaraga

Where's the power? Overbay at 1B, Figgins at 3B, Ka'hue at CI-no power there. He spent $162 on his hitters and doesn't have much power. Sure, Kinsler, Rivera, Cust and Kubel will get him 25+ HRs, but the rest are under 20 HR guys. I can see Cust losing playing time over the course of the season to the likes of Jake Fox and Chris Carter. Does this say that there is not much power in the AL as there once was, or did he just not draft enough?

His pitching staff on the other hand looks fine. I am surprised Sabathia went for under $30. Have to say not knowing about Nathan has to hurt, but who bid $16 on him?