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2010 NL LABR Draft Results:'s Perry Van Hook

A few more LABR draft results were published on Wednesday, and today we have Perry Van Hook's NL roster. Van Hook writes for

C – McCann (21) & Montero (16)

CI – Pujols (41), Reynolds (30) & Blalock (2)

MI – Castillo (10), Manzella (2), & Bonifacio (2)

OF – Milledge (16), Heyward (14), G. Jones (16), Rowand (9), & F. Lewis (2)

UT – Starlin Castro (2)

SP – WRod (19), Hanson (22), Pelfrey (1), Chapman (6), D. Davis (1), Elbert (1)

RP – Nunez (14), Lyon (9), Gervacio (2), Grabow (2)

Perry drafted proven commodities at catcher, 1B and 3B, while drafting some riskier outfielders with upside. Heyward could prove to be a bargain if he approaches the hype he has received this spring training. Drafting Pujols and Reynolds gives Perry about 80 HRs, 230 RBI and possibly 40 SBs. Throw in another 20-90 from Brian McCann and he has some solid power on his roster. Perry is counting on Lastings Milledge to prove he belongs in the majors and I think he ha a breakout season in 2010. I don't see Garret Jones repeating his 2009 season, but I have been wrong before

Perry drafted Wandy Rodriguez at $19, but coming from someone who traded a $1 WandyRod this offseason, I see a 68 inning increase in 2009, and see some dropoff in his ERA and WHIP in 2010. And with that Astros bullpen, I can see the 14 wins in 2009 turning into 11 in 2010. Mike Pelfrey came cheap in LABR and I would be happy with a $1 Pelfrey on my roster. Perry also spend $6 on Cuban pitching phenom Aroldis Chapman, which could prove to be a bargain should Chapman continue to pitch like he did on Tuesday.