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Fantasy Baseball: Baseball HQ's Rebound Candidates For 2010

As I have stated previously, Ron Shandler's 2010 Baseball Forecaster is full of interesting articles, lists and of course, projections for almost every major leaguer. One of the lists he provides is his Rebound candidates for 2010.

He creates his list based on the player's Random Variance which is "a guage that measures the probability that a player's performance in the subsequent year will exceed or fall short of the immediate past year's numbers. Expressed on a scale of -5 to +5, this only measure variables for which outliers tend to refress. Positive scores indicate rebounds, negative scores indicate corrections. The variables tracked for Hitters are: outlying levels for H%, HR/FB and xBA."

Here are some of the hitters he expects to rebound in 2010:

Mike Aviles

Jay Bruce

Travis Buck

Troy Glaus

Conor Jackson

Kelly Johnson

Jed Lowrie

Geovany Soto

Chris Iannetta

Andruw Jones

Chipper Jones

Carlos Pena

Carlos Quentin

Jimmy Rollins