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Down On The Farm: Project Prospect's Top 50 Prospects For 2010

Adam Foster over at Project Prospect posted his Top 50 prospects yesterday. I previously posted his Top 10 prospects here. Let's take a look at his top 50 prospects:

Rk   Player   Pos   Comments   Age   Org   Lvl
1   Jason Heyward   RF   Has the skills to turn into one of baseball's best hitters; back injury is a concern   20.7   ATL   AAA
2   Desmond Jennings   CF   Solid bet to surface as an above-average big leaguer, with his D and contact bat   23.4   TB   AAA
3   Jesus Montero   C/DH   Sick power bat and an elite contact hitter, though he's probably not a catcher   20.4   NYY   AA
4   Stephen Strasburg   RHP   May emerge as No. 1 as soon as '10; painful mechanics will likely lead to injury   21.7   WAS   NCAA
5   Carlos Santana   C   Power-hitting catcher with outstanding patience; could become a plus defender   24.0   CLE   AA
6   Dustin Ackley   CF/LF   In convo for decade's best college hitter; patient LD bat and good defensive OF   22.1   SEA   NCAA
7   Brian Matusz   LHP   Command pitcher with a power arsenal and MLB track record; potential No. 1-2   23.2   BAL   MLB
8   Buster Posey   C   Polished all-around hitter and a solid defender; very high floor as well as ceiling 23.0   SF   MLB
9   Justin Smoak   1B   Elite patience and power to go along with good contact skills; limited to 1B on D   23.3   TEX   AAA
10   Fernando Martinez   LF/RF   Plus power/good contact skills may allow him to ascend to stardom some day   21.5   NYM   MLB
11   Alcides Escobar   SS   One of baseball's best defensive SS; elite contact bat but not much power or BB   23.3   MIL   MLB
12   Pedro Alvarez   3B   Awesome power hitter; probably doesn't have the agility for 3B; will K often   23.2   PIT   AA
13   Michael Taylor   LF/RF   Making unbelievable strides as a pro; scary part is he could continue to improve 24.3   OAK   AAA
14   Neftali Feliz   RHP   Stuff is filthy (FB sat 93-96 in MLB);will he be able to jump up to SP innings?   21.9   TEX   MLB
15   Michael Stanton   RF   No one doubts 80 power -- also patient; contact struggles do give him a low floor 20.4   FLA   AA
16   Josh Bell   3B   Should be solid defender; patient, powerful & works the count well; could K a lot   23.4   BAL   AA
17   Yonder Alonso   1B   Very polished LD hitter; patient + makes lots of contact; how much power is here? 23.0   CIN   AA
18   Jaff Decker   LF   Above-average power hitter and extremely patient; better athlete than most think   20.1   SD   A
19   Logan Morrison   1B   Safe bet for a lengthy career; swing + approach may not lead to very much power   22.6   FLA   AA
20   Mike Leake   RHP   Combines plus plus command and outstanding movement; likely No. 3 - maybe 2   22.4   CIN   NCAA
21   Jhoulys Chacin   RHP   Great sinking FB & plus changeup; curve flashes plus break; chance to be a No. 2   22.2   COL   MLB
22   James Darnell   3B   Good bet to be solid MLBer; swing resembles J. Upton's - not as explosive, though 23.2   SD   A+
23   Madison Bumgarner   LHP   No. 1-2 upside; great command of deceptive FB; SL is erratic; change lacks polish   20.7   SF   MLB
24   Domonic Brown   RF   Quick-twitch athlete has great bat speed; awkward swing mechanics limit ceiling 22.6   PHI   AA
25   Chris Carter   1B   Monster power will come w/ perhaps 200 Ks a year -- patient too; no value on D   23.3   OAK   AAA

Head on over to Project Prospect to check out prospects 26-50.

Check out what he said about a few of his top 50 in his Top 50 chat after the jump:

[Comment From Jeff] 

My fantasy team hopes Todd Frazier can stick at 2B but do you see it happening?


I like Frazier's odds of sticking at second more than Ackley's. I've heard some good reports on Frazier being good enough on D to stick at second. I'll give him a 50% chance of staying there right now -- 10% for Ackley.

Adam Foster: 

Frazier certainly would have alot of value if he can stick at 2B.

Comment from Luke:

Chris Heisey's production is hard to argue with, but what do you think of his swing? How soon will he be ready for the majors?

Adam Foster:  Steve Carter loves Heisey's swing. He describes it as "one that cannot be taught" in the Digital Prospect Guide. Heisey could win a job out of camp with the Reds. He has the bat speed, plate approach and defensive ability to turn into an average or better regular. We loved what we saw out of him at the AFL -- and I went in as a bit of a skeptic.

Heisey does not flash high ceiling but he did go 20-20 in 2009.

Comment from Willy:

What kind of progress does Aaron Hicks need to make within the next year or two? Is he a breakout season away from the top 15?

Adam Foster: 

I still haven't seen Hicks in person -- hoping to in ST in Florida -- but Lincoln reports in the DPG that Hicks could stand to improve his balance at the plate and take better routes on D. If he carries his Low-A success over to High-A and produces over a full season, he could enter 2011 as a top 15 prospect on most lists.

Foster has Hicks ranked as his # 50 prospect on his Top 50 list.

Comment From Andy:  

Love the list! Couple of cincy reds questions: What do you project from Alonso and Heisey this year? What would you do with the Votto- Alonso situation (1b, LF, trade)?

Steve Carter: 


Heisey is a guy who has really impressed me. He changed his load a little bit, and the quickness in his change of direction is outstanding. He's got really pure hitters actions that you can't teach, and guys with those type actions usually just go up and rake. Like Adam said, he's a bit older, but he could be average this year and get better with more experience.

Alonso won't ever hit 35, but he's solid bet to get to 25 or a little more in his prime. His approach plays well in that ballpark, and he's a very solid floor guy. If I were the Reds I'd do what Adam said, put Votto in LF and Alonso at 1B. With those 2 and Bruce, that's 3 pretty legit young left handed options in the same lineup.

Wow. For a guy who hasn't hit for much power in the minors, 25 HRs is a little surprising for this Yonder Alonso owner. Votto in LF? They would have to have a center-fielder who can cover alot of ground for sure.