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Fantasy Baseball: Top 5 Chicago White Sox for 2010

1. Gordon Beckham- This is me going out on a limb. Gordon Beckham will have eligibility at a thin 3B and eventually a thin 2B as he should be the starting second baseman. Bill James loves Beckham this year and has his at 21 HR with over 90 RBI and runs, double digit stolen bases and .288 average. I think he's shooting for the moon, but still think Beckham has the upside to top this list (as a second baseman.)

2. Jake Peavy- I have one reason for not putting Peavy at the top. He hasn't proven to be healthy in the past few years, missing time with injuries in both seasons. Many people believe Peavy will regress in the American League. With Peavy's K numbers and upside, I think he'll be a viable option in the mid-later rounds of drafts.

3. Carlos Quentin- Was 2008 a fluke? Or was 2009 just riddled with too many injuries? How many at bats will we see from Quentin in 2010? If we are going to see near 500, I think he could return to close to his 2008 form and end with similar numbers. I can see Quentin hitting 25 home runs and .270. Kind of underwhelming for an outfielder.

4. John Danks- After an excellent 2008 season, Danks took a step back in 2009, seeing his K/9 drop and BB/9 rise. If Danks can bring his K numbers up, I could see a sub 4 ERA season with over 150 strikeouts. Not a whole lot else, however.

5. Bobby Jenks- I've made it pretty clear that I'm not a fan of Jenks, but people love saves. Sure, he probably won't give you an ERA under 3.00 and will never see his K/9 numbers as high as he used to, but he will probably get you 30+ saves and extra late, you take what you can get.

Sleeper alert. Tyler Flowers- When you think of a catcher, what comes to mind? 5'9, 200? Or 6'4, 245? Tyler Flowers has the build and tools to be a legitimate power threat from one of the thinnest positions in the game. On's 1-100 scale, Flowers rates a 90 for power, 42 for contact and am 86 for patience. So basically, a power hitting catcher. Flowers very well could see time this year in Chicago.