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Fantasy Sleeper: Chicago Cubs Outfielder Xavier Nady

The Cubs recently signed outfielder Xavier Nady to serve as their 4th outfielder behind Alfonso Soriano, Marlon Byrd and Kosuke Fukudome. Soriano always seems to be injured and Byrd is coming off a career year which I don't think he can repeat, and Fukudome goes through horrible slumps. With that said, I think Nady can get 400+ at bats in 2010, with a chance at starting should manager Lou Piniella sour on either Byrd or Fukudome.

Nady missed all of 2009, well, except for 28 at bats, due to his second Tommy John surgery. Lucky for him, he is not a pitcher. But back in 2008, Nady had his best year going 25-97-76-.305-.357-.510 with the Pirates and Yankees. I am not saying Nady can duplicate that in 2010, but I could see him approaching 20 HRs and driving in 80 runs for the Cubs, as long as he stays healthy.

Bill James projects him to go 17-65-.285-.337-.469 in 2010, but he could exceed that projection should he stay healthy.