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Fantasy Baseball: Rickie Weeks = 2010 Sleeper

I was reading Eric Karabell's fantasy chat this evening, and stumbled upon this question from a chatter:

Michael (Milwaukee)

are you betting on Ricky Weeks this year?

Eric Karabell
(3:50 PM)

For a DL stint or two? Yes. More than 400 at-bats, no.

It's true, Weeks has had only two seasons with over 400 at bats, in 2007 and 2008. Should Weeks have an injury free season and get over 500 at bats as the Brewers second baseman, I think he could put up some fairly good stats for fantasy owners.

His best season was in 2007, where he hit 16 HRs, drove in 36, scored 87 runs, and stole 25 bases in 27 attempts. But, he had a slash line of .235-.374-.433. The BA is poor, but the OBP was solid. Weeks sports a career K% of 26.3% and a BB% OF 11.0%.

Ron Shandler projects Weeks to go 15-56-93-19-.264-.344-.426 with the following comments:

Enjoyed career best start until wrist injury ended season in May. PX (power) and SX (speed) history still project near elite HR-SB upside, but health hasn't cooperated and wrist issues can sap power. If 2009 was real.....UP 25/25

So Shandler think Weeks upside is 25 HRs and 25 SBs in 2010. That would be second round stats for a guy that will get drafted after the 15th round in most fantasy drafts in 2010.

Keep Weeks on your radar as many will write him off as an injury risk, which he is. But, should he stay healthy in 2010, he can help in the power and speed categories.