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Fake Teams Is Looking For Another Writer Focused On Minor League Prospects

Even though I have added two new fantasy writers recently, I wanted to expand the content here at Fake Teams to include someone who will strictly focus on minor league prospects. SB Nation has John Sickels site over at Minor League Ball, and he has a great site, but I wanted to provide our fantasy readers with more fantasy related articles, like a daily roundup of how some of the best prospects are performing.

What I am looking for is someone who:

1. can write a daily summary of how some of the top prospects have performed that day or the previous day similar to what I did for the AFL last fall. Here is an example. The daily summary does not have to be as lengthy as the AFL summaries that I wrote.

2. can write short profiles of some of the top prospects, or prospects that should be getting more press, but make sure the profile is fantasy focused.

3. has a passion for writing and following minor league prospects

Unfortunately, there is no pay involved. But, you will reach many fantasy readers, and be read by some of the experts in the fantasy field.

You can reach me at Please include examples of articles you have written in the past.