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The Grady Sizemore Question

Going into 2009, Grady Sizemore was a premier first round talent. His ability to hit for power with his terrific speed vaulted him to the top of the OF projections going into many drafts. Sizemore had a lackluster 2010 campaign, but is again moving back toward the top of people's draft boards. He is being taken at the end of the third round, and occasionally slips into the fourth.

The question around Sizemore are health concerns, but are they fair? Before last season Grady was a lock for 600 at bats, mid twenty homeruns, and close to thirty steals. Already arriving healthily in spring training, expect Grady to get back into form, and provide great value in the third round.

Fair projections for Grady Sizemore next season?

I expect him to return to the high HR totals and moderate batting average he has shown in the past. With his high FB %, (close to 50%) his batting average will not creep close to .300, but with the potential to hit thirty homeruns and swipe thirty bags, you cannot ignore Cleveland's leadoff hitter this season. Without forecasting another injury expect Sizemore back into the top 15 overall picks next fantasy season, so for this year... Grap him while you still can for cheap