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Fantasy Baseball: AL West Avoid List

This is the last in the Avoid List series, so we move to the AL West Avoid List. Next I will work on some Draft Strategies and who would you rather have comparisons.

Mariners-the Mariners traded for Milton Bradley this offseason to bolster their offense, but I would stay away from him due to his mood swings and injury history, he could disappoint like he did last year in Chicago in a much better lineup. Plus, its just a matter of time before the Mariners bring up prospect Dustin Ackley, who could play left field.

Athletics-Daric Barton and Travis Buck are probably already looking over their shoulders at Chis Carter and Michael Taylor. Both Carter and Taylor really have nothing else to prove in AAA, so it would not surprise me to see both starting for the A's in April.

Angels-Kendry Morales had a breakout season in 2009 with 34 HRs and 108 RBIs and a .306-.355-.569 slash line, but his OPS was the highest of his career-minors or majors. He was aided by a strong .329 BABIP and 18.1% HR/FB%, even though his FB rate dropped in 2009 from 44.4% to 41.1%. He also struck out 20.7% of his ABs in 2009, the highest of his career. Don't pay for a repeat of his 2009 stats.

Rangers-if Chris Davis doesn't become another post-hype prospect in 2010, and boy was he hyped prior to 2009 drafts, the Rangers could turn to first base prospect Justin Smoak who also has alot of power, and knows how to take a walk. With the Rangers signing Vlad Guerrero this offseason, Davis would not have a spot in the lineup.