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Down On The Farm: Project Prospect's Top 100 List For 2010

Adam Foster and his team over at Project Prospect have published their Top 100 prospect list for 2010. We have previously published his Top 25 list here at Fake Teams, so here are his # 26-50 prospects for 2010:

26   Martin Perez   LHP   Just needs to prove he can handle a SP's workload; potential for 3 plus pitches   19.0   TEX   AA
27   Ryan Westmoreland   CF/LF   Outstanding athlete w/ speed, power, patience and strong arm; very high upside   19.9   BOS   SS
28   Wade Davis   RHP   Horse of a SP; extended track record in minors, solid FB & 2 good breaking balls   24.6   TB   MLB
29   Brett Wallace   1B/3B   Won't stick at 3B, but could be slightly above-average overall as a first baseman   23.6   TOR   AAA
30   Daniel Hudson   RHP   Reached the bigs in his full-season debut; great FB/CH combo; SL is inconsistent   23.1   CHW   MLB
31   Derek Norris   C/DH   Extemely patient power hitter but he will stike out; not a good bet to stick at C   21.1   WAS   A
32   Aroldis Chapman   LHP   Didn't have great command in Cuban League, but hard to doubt his stuff   22.1   CIN   n/a
33   Todd Frazier   2B/LF   Unorthodox swing has led to sweet LD rates; his defensive home is uncertain   24.1   CIN   AAA
34   Alex Avila   C   Rapid rise from from 5th rounder to MLB; solid bet to stick at C; decent upside   23.2   DET   MLB
35   Casey Kelly   RHP   Doesn't have top-notch FB velo, but knows how to pitch & has a polished arsenal 20.5   BOS   A+
36   Starlin Castro   SS   Good contact bat doesn't walk and power upside is limited; can he stick at SS?   20.0   CHC   AA
37   Thomas Neal   LF/1B   Fresh off outstanding offensive season in the low-minors; may end up as a 1B   22.6   SF   A+
38   Jose Iglesias   SS   Best defensive SS in minors; good contact hitter; questions about power & BB%   20.2   BOS   n/a
39   Chris Heisey   LF/CF   D-III stud turned legit MLB prospect; may not be a star but likely a solid regular   25.3   CIN   AAA
40   Brett Lawrie   2B   Balanced power hitter with above-average speed reached AA in 1st full season   20.2   MIL   AA
41   Lonnie Chisenhal   3B   Established himself as an elite power/contact hitter in A+; solid bet to stick at 3B 21.5   CLE   AA
42   Tony Sanchez   C   Nearly a lock to stick at C; hit for power, walked & didn't K; 4th overall pick ('09)   21.9   PIT   A+
43   Nick Weglarz   LF/DH   Played w/ a broken leg in '09; very patient, plus power, not a bad contact bat   22.3   CLE   AA
44   Hector Rondon   RHP   Composed + has great command; doesn't try to overpower guys; fly-ball pitcher   22.1   CLE   AAA
45   Logan Forsythe   3B   Patient, balanced LD hitter who could be a good defensive 3B; maybe even a 2B   23.2   SD   AA
46   Brandon Snyder   1B   Bat will get him to the bigs - smooth swing + patient; former C is now stuck at 1B   23.4   BAL   AAA
47   Jason Castro   C   Already outstanding defensive C; simple LD swing doesn't generate much power   22.8   HOU   AA
48   Jon Niese   LHP   Commands a sinking FB; CB and SL both get swing-throughs; Likely no. 3 starter   23.4   NYM   MLB
49   Matt Dominguez   3B   Slow but still an elite defender; lots of offensive potential, though swing is long   20.6   FLA   AA
50   Aaron Hicks   CF   Patient hitter with some power; he plays an outstanding CF - great speed/arm   20.5   MIN   A

Adam also held a chat over at Project Prospect and here is one of the Q & A:

[Comment from Tom]

What three players do you think are unique to this list? As in which evaluations have you all made that clash most with other evaluators? Why do you think there is that difference? What might you be doing differently?

Adam Foster:  Mike Leake jumps out at a lot of people. We think he could become a top-of-the-rotation starter because of his elite command of four offerings that could be above-average. His height and fastball velocity -- under 6-foot and usually doesn't get it up above 92 MPH -- don't concern us.

As mentioned in this chat and explained above, we have Fernando Martinez higher than he's been on most lists.

Then our Hellickson ranking will probably be lower than you'll see just about anywhere. Most prospect rankers don't put much energy into predicting pitcher durability. If Hellickson goes out and throws 200+ quality innings a season for 4-5 years, our ranking may not look so hot :).

We weigh floor pretty heavily along with ceiling. Our goal is to hit on as many future average or better big leaguers without missing anyone. A guy doesn't need to profile as a likely above-average regular to make our list. And some of those "average tools" guys go on to become stars. For example, Chase Utley and Dan Haren were never thought of as cream-of-the-crop prospects.