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Fantasy Baseball: Baseball HQ's Bust Candidates For 2010-Pitchers

Here is the list of pitchers, starters and relievers, that Baseball HQ feel will be fantasy busts in 2010. Shandler creates the list based on the following pitching stats: H%, S%, HR/FB%, and xERA.

David Aardsma (2 A's)

Madison Bumgarner

Matt Cain

Francisco Cordero

Ryan Franklin

Mike Gonzalez

Zack Greinke

J.A. Happ (not JA)

Trevor Hoffman (2 F's, 1 N)

Jair Jurrjens

Carlos Marmol

Joe Nathan

Jonathan Papelbon

Mariano Rivera

Chris Carpenter

Clayton Kershaw

Mat Latos (1 T)

Tommy Hanson (not "en")

Shandler lists almost all of the top closers in his "Corrections list". I used "bust" since it is easier to say and spell. I used to be a good speller but I am certainly not a good typer. Oh, and I didn't know there was an "n" in Matt Lindstrom's name until someone pointed that out to me. And Jordan Zimmermann, has two "N's" in his name, not one.

Now, onto this list. Well, I have Kershaw and Latos in the UBA league as my two top starting pitchers going into 2010 after dealing Wandy-Rod and Ricky Nolasco. I can see Carpenter being a bit of a bust as he will probably be drafted amongst the top 10 starting pitchers in 2010 drafts even though he has a history of injuries.

I am totally on board with J.A. Happ and Ryan Franklin being on this list as well. I have written about Happ previously as he had an extreme S%, or LOB%, in 2009 around 85%. That won't happen in 2010, so his ERA should increase. Franklin, to me, won't last the season as the Cardinals closer, but then again, you can say that about alot of closers, no?

Greinke being on this list surprised me.