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Fantasy Baseball: Baseball HQ's Bust Candidates For 2010

Is it me or is it easier to predict guys who will improve on their previous season's stats than to predict the guys who will be a fantasy bust? Well, Baseball HQ takes a stab at who they think will be a fantasy bust in 2010. Here are the hitters:

Shin -Soo Choo

Matt Diaz

Joe Mauer

Nyjer Morgan

Hanley Ramirez

Denard Span

Ichiro Suzuki

David Wright

Carlos Beltran

Michael Bourn

Chone Figgins

Derek Jeter

Casey McGehee

Kendry Morales

Aramis Ramirez

Nolan Reimold

Justin Upton

Joey Votto

Matt Wieters

Kevin Youkilis

Ben Zobrist

Well, quite a list I must say. You know I agree with his thoughts on Wright and Hanley as I have written about them previously. But Justin Upton, Joey Votto, Matt Wieters and Joe Mauer?? Say it isn't so Ron. I think all four can repeat or improve upon their stats in 2009, especially Upton and Votto. I disagree with Aramis Ramirez as well.

But, I could see Nyjer Morgan and Michael Bourn not running as wild as they did in 2009 and disappointing fantasy owners everywhere. The same goes for Zobrist. Was his 2009 season a fuke, or is he the real deal? I know ESPN's Eric Karabell thinks he can repeat in 2010.

Here is what Shandler had to say about David Wright in his 2010 Baseball Forecaster:

HR/SLG splits say that power outage wasn't just due to new stadium. CT% also down, year salvaged only by inflated H%, SBO and SB%. A normal HR/FB% reversion (dropped from 17% in 2008 to 7% in 2009) points to rebound but Stud status is in jeopardy.