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Down On The Farm: Excerpts From ESPN Chat With BA's Jim Callis

Here are some of the more interesting Q & A from the ESPN Chat with Jim Callis today:

Jim Hendry (Wrigley Field)

What is your honest opinion of how Starlin Castro would perform if we gave him the starting SS job out of the spring?

Jim Callis
(2:05 PM)

I heard some more talk about that on the radio here in Chicago a few minutes ago, and I think that would be pushing Castro too aggressively. He'll have just turned 20 and will have played only 31 games above high Class A. He's very talented--I think he's the best shortstop prospect in baseball--but I think he would struggle to hit right away and it could stunt his development.

That's some serious hype for a 20 year old shortstop.

Steve (Los Angeles)

Jim, how much of Buster Posey's prospect ranking effected by his being a catcher? Say he couldn't catch and was moved to 1B. How far would he drop in the overall ranking?

Jim Callis
(2:15 PM)

Position scarcity definitely adds to Posey's value. If he shifts from the scarcest position to the spot most easy to fill, his value would take a big hit. He'd still be a top prospect, but first basemen are judged on bat alone, and Posey doesn't have impact power.

I know one owner who is definitely not buying the position switch talk. Not sure I buy it either, as the Giants appear to want to get Posey's bat in the lineup as much as possible in 2010.

ray (burlington, nj)

Are Dodgers prospects part of today's chat? Does Withrow make the jump to LA in 2011?

Jim Callis
(2:47 PM)

Let's say mid-2011.

Hehehehehe. For some reason, some people compare Withrow to Josh Beckett of all pitchers!!


In 5 years - Jason Castro or Derek Norris?

Jim Callis
(2:54 PM)


Jim Callis say what? Really? I guess he assumes Norris doesn't stay at catcher?