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Fantasy Baseball: Excerpts From ESPN Chat With Eric Karabell

Here are some excerpts from Wednesday's fantasy baseball chat with ESPN's Eric Karabell:

Mike, Tampa, FL:
Hey EK. Thanks for all of the work you do. May I ask what you are expecting out of Gordan Beckham in his Sophomore year? Thanks.
Eric Karabell
(3:10 PM)

Thanks for all you do as well. Without you guys, I can't do this job! I expect Beckham to be one of the best second basemen in baseball this season, a 20-90-10 guy. I mean, he might not be Robby Cano yet, but the power will be there and he can run some.

Wow!! Eric is quite bullish on Beckham in his first full season in 2010.

Brian (Vancouver, WA)

Eric, you've convinced me Posey will not contribute this year. 15 team mixed keeper, instead of him for final keeper: Everth Cabrera, Carlos Santana, Corey Hart or Jake Fox and your reasoning, Thank you!

Eric Karabell
(3:19 PM)

Well, I think if the Giants hadn't signed Bengie Molina then Posey would have contributed quite a bit. He would have been in my top 10 for catchers. Now, he's obviously not. And I'd be careful of Carlos Santana, for the same reason. The Tribe will be patient. I think Hart is the only near-lock here, a 20/20 guy, but watch Jake Fox hit 25 homers.

I am not sold on Hart rebounding in 2010. I think I would lean toward keeping Posey since it is a keeper league.

Steve (Snowed In)

EK, question on two prospect speedsters in a dynasty league...thoughts on Eric Young Jr and Desmond Jennings for 2010?

Eric Karabell
(3:24 PM)

I just don't think Jennings will play until later in the season in the bigs. Young's problem is playing time; he'll make the Rox, but his main skill is speed. He needs Clint Barmes to hit .180 in April, which of course is very much possible. Take Young here. IF he gets to play, he could steal 40 bases.

As an EYJr owner in an NL-only keeper league, I hope Eric is right. I think he can steal 25 bases in a part time role in 2010. Look at what Juan Pierre did in 2009. He stole 30 bases filling in for Manny Ramirez for 50 games.

More excerpts after the jump:

Garfield (Garf) (MI)

Are you buying Granderson in NY? Is 40/15 possible?

Eric Karabell
(3:31 PM)

Read my mind, Garf. Absolutely possible... I should write an article about this! I think I will!

Holy cow!!! In the words of Dick Vitale-"Are you serious?" Eric is the same guy who thinks David Wright is a first round pick after his 2009 season, and now thinks Granderson will hit 40 HRs in 2010? I'll take the under for 5 large.

Dave (NJ)

Are you more or less willing to punt a category in H2H than roto?

Eric Karabell
(3:50 PM)

I never punt on draft day. If I pick one closer and he implodes, I'd punt in h2h... not roto. It's very tough - though possible - to win a roto league with a last-place finish in a stat. In h2h, punting is not a big deal if you just need to win the week.

Eric is right. It is tough to punt a category in roto and win, but I have done it twice in 5x5 leagues, by punting two categories-wins and strikeouts. But it wasn't easy.