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MLB Trade Rumors: Johnny Damon To The Braves??

Last night Dave O'Brien from the Atlanta Journal Constitution passed along a text message he received from Johnny Damon on the possibility of signing with the Braves. Here is the text message:

Johnny Damon's text reply to AJC about possibility of an offer from Braves: "I hope. They are definitely a team that is on top of the list."

But's Braves beat writer Mark Bowman has this response to a fan's question about Damon:

Have you heard any talk about the Braves' interest in Johnny Damon? He would be nice at the top of the order.
-- Joey E., Louisville, Ky.

Given the limited amount of interest the Braves might have once had, I'm surprised that there is still some talk linking him to Atlanta. Because the club doesn't have a legitimate option to handle the leadoff spot in its lineup, there is at least reason for the Braves to wonder whether the 36-year-old Damon would be able to fill this role as capably as he did in the past.

The last sentence in bold is not something I have heard or read about regarding Damon, but I am curious if he is questioning Damon's ability to play left field everyday or his ability to hit like he did with the Yankees last season. I think they could platoon Damon and Diaz in left field, and have Melky Cabrera or Jordan Shafer come in as a defensive replacement late in games.