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Fantasy Baseball: Top 5 Kansas City Royals for 2010

1. Zack Greinke- Need I explain this at all? Greinke put up a season we haven't seen in years and probably won't see for years to come (unless he does it again.) I don't see Greinke repeating the same type of season, but I definitiely can see another SP1 type of year from him.

2. Joakim Soria- Remember everything I said about Bobby Jenks? People liking saves? Well, that still applies, but Soria will also give you excellent strikeout totals and should keep his ERA at a very manageable level (2.50-3.00.) He may not get you the save totals the other elite level guys will, but he should put up the same type of peripheral stats.

3. Billy Butler- Butler took one big step orward in 2009, hitting 21 home runs while driving in over 90 runs and hitting above .300. Butler's BABIP was a bit high when compared to his career numbers, so .300 shouldn't necessarily be expected, but I wouldn't count on it being under .290. Not only did Butler see his power numbers nearly double, he produced over twice as many doubles as his previous season. Granted it was in almost 200 more at bats. Butler should be a near lock to give you nearly 20 home runs, 80+ RBI and hit around .300.

4. Alex Gordon- How many years will we have to wait for that breakout season? Gordon's got tons of ability and upside (The baseball cube give him an 82 for power, 50 contact and 79 patience) and after several years of waiting, we could see that breakout season come in 2010.

5. Gil Meche- This might be my least favorite #5 I've written about. He's not going to blow anyone away with his K numbers and he probably won't put up an ERA under 4. He will, however, be a body to use that can get an occasional win. I honestly don't want to put anyone else from that team on here.

Sleeper alert. Kila Ka'aihue- The soon to be 26 year old posesses excellent ability to get on base and solid power ability. In 2008 between AA, AAA and the MLB, Kila mashed 38 home runs and OPS'd over 1.00 in both AA and AAA. If he were to be called up to play first base in 2010, we could see some waiver wire power suddenly appear.