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Fantasy Baseball: Early December Mock Draft

No, I didn't participate in the mock draft, but the guys over at Yahoo, Rotowire, and Grey from Razzball participated in this mock draft on Mock Draft Central on Thursday. I am not sure how much weight to put into the results because it is December, but it is fun to see what some of the experts think.

Here are a few quick thoughts on the draft results:

I guess Matt Kemp hasn't lost that much value as he was the 19th pick in the 12 team draft. I see a bounceback year for Kemp which I will get into in my outfielder rankings.

I am surprised that two Rockies were picked in the top 4 and ahead of Miguel Cabrera. I could make a case for picking Tulo early, but not so sure I would pick him ahead of Miggy.

Jason Heyward was the #24 pick in this draft. I see him improving upon his 2010 season, but I wouldn't pick him in the second round ahead of Adrian Gonzalez, Felix Hernandez and Andrew McCutchen.

What a difference a year makes, as both Victor Martinez and Buster Posey were selected ahead of Twins catcher Joe Mauer. I ranked Posey ahead of Mauer in my catcher rankings, and could make a case to rank VMart ahead of him too.

Derek Jeter was picked in the 5th round? Seems too early for me, but SS is very thin this year. But Aroldis Chapman in the 8th makes me want to look at him a bit closer. Maybe I am missing something, but I don't see him starting the season in the big leagues if the Reds want to make him a starter.

Matt Weiters was the 6th catcher taken, after Posey, VMart, Mauer, Brian McCann and Carlos Santana, and was selected in the 6th round. Seems too early for me.

Head on over to the mock draft and let us know your thoughts.