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MLB Trade Rumors: Mets To Deal Jose Reyes?

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I just read through Buster Olney's Saturday morning blog post and this jumped out at me:

4. Heard this: The Mets will listen to offers in the months ahead for shortstop Jose Reyes, and the expectation in some rival front offices is that unless the Mets are a surprise contender in 2011, they will move Reyes before the July 31 trade deadline.

I guess this isn't surprising, but with the injury to Johan Santana, and news that he won't pitch till June (i think later), and some talk that the Mets may consider dealing Carlos Beltran at mid-season, it appears the Mets are in a rebuilding mode and will build the team around third baseman David Wright.

It sure will be interesting to see who will be Reyes' suitors come July 31st. The Reds and Cardinals are two teams that jump to mind that need a SS, but i cannot see the Cardinals dealing for Reyes and signing him long term with the Albert Pujols contract on the horizon. The Reds have an abundance of pitching and prospects that would make sense for the Mets.

In other trade news, I was trading emails with another fantasy owner on Friday, and we were discussing the chance Craig Kimbrel has to close for the Braves in 2011 (i own Kimbrel in the UBA keeper league). My opinion is that the decision comes down to Kimbrel or Jonny Venters, especially considering the Braves just traded for set-up man Scott Linebrink. Here is a quote from David O'Brien's column at the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Wren said at the outset of the offseason that he would look for a reliever to assume the mentor role Wagner

handled adroitly with young relievers including closer candidates Craig Kimbrel and Jonny Venters.

"Scott Linebrink fit to a T what we were looking for in this role," Wren said.

I am rooting for Kimbrel, as the Braves used him in high-leverage situations in the 2010 playoffs, and he appeared to have more control after his call-up in September.