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Fantasy Baseball: Investing In Your Fantasy Teams

I wasn't sure what the appropriate title of this article should be, but I was wondering how many of you play in money leagues, that is you pay an entry fee to manage your fantasy team in a particular league, and that entry fee is doled out to the top teams in the league at the end of the season.

I saw a poll over at another SB Nation fantasy baseball blog Rotohardball, and was surprised with the results, and the choices in the posted poll. For me, I lose interest in my team if I don't have money on the line, or if the league isn't a keeper league.

I have been playing roto/fantasy baseball for at least 20 years. I remember the days where a friend and I would take turns MANUALLY calculating WEEKLY stats using the stats in the Wednesday USA Today sports section. But even back then, the league entry fee was $100. I now play in 4 leagues where the league entry fee is more than twice that. Don't take this as me bragging or anything, but this is why I was surprised at the poll choices and results over at Rotohardball.

I assumed that most money leagues were for higher dollar amounts, so I guess I was wrong on that point. I guess many fantasy owners are much younger than I am, probably in high school or college, or just out of college. I graduated college probably before many of our readers were born, I am guessing. Maybe not all of them.

How much do you "invest" in your fantasy teams?