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Down On The Farm: John Sickels' Top 20 Colorado Rockies Prospects for 2011

John Sickels posted his Top 20 Colorado Rockies prospects for 2011 on Friday, and here is what he had to say about Christian Friedrich, a former top prospect for the Rockies:

10) Christian Friedrich, LHP, Grade B-: Borderline C+, I am very concerned that the elbow problem will recur, and reports I got from Texas League sources were very mixed.

Friedrich was 3-6 in 18 starts in 2010, with a 5.05 ERA and a 1.546 WHIP. His K/BB rate has dropped as he went from Low A to High A and now AA, from 4.40 in Low A to 2.23 in AA last season. He hasn't pitched more than 88 innings in any season yet in the minors, so his prospect status is dimming. He is still young and will need to have a good season in 2011 to regain his top prospect status.

Sickels likes third base prospect Nolen Arenado so much that he ranked him as the Rockies #1 prospect:

1) Nolan Arenado, 3B, Grade B+: I don't think he gets quite as much attention as he deserves. Doubles should translate into more homers.

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