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Fantasy Baseball: Brandon Belt Or Bryce Harper?

You all know I participate in the UBA NL-only keeper league, as I write about some of my deals here often. After every draft, we also have a 2 round minor league draft. Going into the 2011 minor league draft, many of the top minor league prospects have already been drafted, but every year there are a few guys at the top of the draft that are in demand.

This year is no different, as Bryce Harper and Brandon Belt are two of the prospects available. Others who are available are Julio Teheran, Mike Minor, Shelby Miller, Jordan Lyles, Zack Cox and Jerry Sands, among others.

I have the 2nd pick in the 2011 minor league draft, and wonder which of these hitters will drop to me at #2. Both, Harper and Belt have been getting most of the media attention during the Arizona Fall League action this year.

I watched Belt in the AFL Rising Stars game on Saturday night, and he showed a mature approach at the plate.

My question to the Fake Teams readers is: If you are playing for 2011, which hitter do you take with the #1 pick-Bryce Harper or Brandon Belt?