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Fantasy Baseball: Offseason Keeper League Trade

I have written several times about my 2010 rebuild strategy in the UBA NL-Only keeper league which left me with the following cheap keepers:

Ike Davis-$5 S1

Danny Espinosa-$10 S1

Pedro Alvarez-$10 S1

Chris Johnson-$4 S1

Domonic Brown-$5 S1

Jason Heyward-$10 S1

Andrew McCutchen-$15 L1 (or possibly $20 L2)

Jose Tabata-$5 S1

Mike Stanton-$5 S1

Drew Storen-$5 S1

Ubaldo Jimenez-$9 L1

Mat Latos-$10 0

Daniel Hudson-$5 0

Jhoulys Chacin-$10 S1

Then I have the following young releivers who I am considering keeping only if they win the closers job:

Craig Kimbrel-$10 S1

Kenley Jansen-$10 S1

Zach Braddock-$10 S1

Jeremy Jeffress-$10 S1

Sam Demel-$12 0

So, I feel I have been successful in my rebuild strategy, but want to deal some of these cheap keepers for less risky, higher salaried keepers. My first offseason deal was executed on Wednesday where I traded:

Domonic Brown and Chris Johnson for a Ryan Zimmerman-$22 0 (or $27 L1)