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Fantasy Baseball: Overpaying on Draft Day

Quick post today, as I have the day off, but am watching the kids, trying to pottytrain the 3 year old, and have errands to run. Do I bring diapers with me or do I hit every bathroom I see to ensure she doesn't wet herself? That's what I am up against today.

Plus, there is the big Auburn-Alabama game at 2:30. I am rooting for a big win for the Tide, only so Boise State can play in the National Championship game. I would love to see a rematch of last year's Boise State-Oregon game where Boise beat Oregon at Oregon.

Ok. On to my question, which applies to those who participate in auction leagues only. On draft day, how willing are you to overpay for the player you want, be it Albert Pujols, Carlos Gonzalez, Robinson Cano, or that next top prospect, or the player on your favorite team?

I bring this up only because of the Derek Jeter situation with the Yankees. I read today that the Yankees and Jeter are $80 million apart in their negotiations.

How much are you willing to overpay for that special player on draft day? A few bucks? $5? Whatever it takes?