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Fantasy Baseball: Suggestions Thread

Earlier last week, John Sickels posted a suggestions thread over at Minor League Ball and was asked to provide fantasy coverage on prospects, so I have volunteered to write a few articles per week going forward. I will attach a link to those articles when they are posted.

I posted a Bryce Harper or Mike Trout article, which I posted here on Friday, on Saturday morning over at Minor League Ball.

I am looking for reader suggestions as to what they would like to see during the offseason. I am thinking about some All Questions Answered thread, positional rankings, and some evening chats. The chats most likely would not start till 9pm EST after the kids are in bed. I am leaning toward holding them on Tuesday nights as I play hoops on Wednesday nights, and the wife works late on Thursday nights. I would also like to interview some prospect and fantasy baseball experts over the next month or so.

Let me know what you would like to see during the offseason.