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MLB Trade Rumors: Justin Upton To Be Traded?

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I just stumbled upon a USA Today article where Bob Nightengale gives a list of names of players who are available via trade this week at the GM Meetings, and the name that immediately jumped out at me was Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton.

I would be shocked to see him traded, but one has to wonder if the Diamondbacks new GM Kevin Towers is ready to make a splash this week. Here is his quote from Nightengale's article:

"I'm open to listening on anybody,'' Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers said. "We got more hits on Upton and [Stephen] Drew. They're difficult to move, but sometimes to make your club better, you have to move good players. You never know when a deal might present itself.''

So Towers is listening to offers for Upton. Shocking. The first team that comes to mind for me is the Braves. They have the pitching prospects that any team would want in a deal. What follows is just me speculating, but what if Kevin Towers called and offered Upton to the Braves and asked for Julio Teheran, Mike Minor and Craig Kimbrel, Frank Wren would have to listen, right?

Upton hit ,273-.356-.442 with 17 HRs, 69 RBIs, 74 runs scored and 18 SBs in 2010. The issue with Upton is his K%. He struck out in 30% of his 495 at bats in 2010.

The Braves need a right handed hitting outfielder, and the Diamondbacks appear to be rebuilding, so I think this deal makes alot of sense for both teams. The Diamondbacks would get 3 solid pitching prospects for a soon to be elite outfielder.

Who says no in this offer?