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Down on The Farm: Prospect Chat with ESPN's Keith Law

On Thursday, ESPN's Keith Law held his weekly prospect chat and here are a few excerpts:

Jason (St Louis)

I love how delusional some fans and sports writers can be. In the Rumors section a writer from Atlanta is quoted as saying they would be wise to trade for Rasmus but only if they don't have to include an elite prospect like Freeman. What exactly ARE they going to get him for? A bag of used gloves and two cases of big league chew?

  (1:16 PM)

Even worse - Freeman's not an elite prospect, and what exactly would St. Louis do with him?

Law said later in the chat that Freeman is more of a doubles hitter than HR hitter. Compared him to Blue Jays first baseman Lyle Overbay.

Mike (NJ)

A report out of Philly has a possible McCutchen/Dom Brown swap. Pretty good deal?

  (1:29 PM)

What is Amaro's plan for pulling that off? Slip Neal Huntington a mickey at the Swan and Dolphin next week?

Yeah, that is a crazy trade rumor. I almost forgot that the GM meetings are next week. Hope to hear about some trades and signings next week.

Jake (KC)

KC Farm System...hands down number 1?

  (1:34 PM)

Yeah - who could even pose an argument? Maybe Tampa Bay?

Yes, the Royals have alot of solid prospects, with some who are very close to the majors.

Chris (Rochester)

More likely to be at 1st for the Rangers next year, Davis or Moreland?

  (2:04 PM)


Does Chris Davis DH or is he a AAAA player now?

Big things out of Mike Stanton this year?

  (2:12 PM)

Big things from him in 2010, no? I'd expect more of the same: Big power, good D, lot of Ks, decent OBP.

Bill James projects Stanton to go 38-104-.268-.355-.556 in 2011. I'll take that as a Stanton owner.