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Down On The Farm: BA/BP Prospect Chats/Tweets

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Here are a few excerpts from Tuesday's prospect chat over at Baseball Prospectus with Kevin Goldstein, along with Wednesdays prospect chat over at Baseball America, with a few tweets thrown in.

Tweet from Jim Callis:

No. Better. More power, can play 3B. @mo_town_22: Do you think Cox is the 2nd coming of Wallace? I've heard mixed reviews.#Cardinals

I remember hearing "mixed reviews" about Wallace when he was drafted and he has been traded 3 times since, and may start 2011 in AAA for the Astros.

Karen (LA): what do you thinke Mesoraco's defense behind plate?

Kevin Goldstein: He's fine back there, maybe even a tick above average. Scouts generally believe in the breakout.

I wonder if he can break camp with the Reds in 2011, as a recent John Fay article over at the Cincinnati Enquirer said that the Reds love his leadership skills as well.


Shane (Miami): You and Jason were talking about Derek Norris on the podcast. If he puts it all together is he a .280, 30Hr type?

Kevin Goldstein: I think that's a bit high. I think .260-270 with 20+ HR on a ton of walks. That's incredible offense for a catcher.

ESPN's Keith Law thinks he can stay behind the plate and is the Nationals catcher of the future. That's all I need to know.


JB (NYC): Kyle Gibson or Kyle Drabek -- which one's a better bet in 2011/long-term?

Kevin Goldstein: Drabek and . . . Drabek. I like Gibson, but from what I can tell, not nearly as much as others.

I have a feeling we will be seeing alot from Drabek in 2011.

More after the jump:

Scrapper (Chicago)Starlin Castro (2010) = Edgar Renteria (1996). You buying that comp?

Kevin Goldstein: No. Hate it, actually. I don't think Castro stays at SS long-term, first of all. Plus Castro will turn into more of an offensive player with some power. Bad, bad comp.

I am just curious when we will see the power from Castro, but dynasty league owners have to be happy to hear that he will have more power than Renteria.

Bernie (Warwick, RI): Is the Yankees farm system top 5 ?

John Manuel: I think it is; Jim Callis will take some convincing. Just going through some top 30s lists, I know I think New York has both more impact and more depth than most of them. For me it's in the top 5-7 mix.


I have said this before, but how is it that the team makes the playoffs every year, and has THIS good a farm system?

Dan (D.C): Roughly speaking, where does Gary Sanchez rank in your personal top 50?

John Manuel: Seriously, I haven't thought about it but I'll venture to say in the 20s.


Umm. Wow.

Mike (Minnesota): If Montero is in the "Piazza mold" for potential and comparable batting stats, who is Gary Sanchez most comparable to? The standard is now Joe he close to ever being that kind of impact?

John Manuel: I'd put his ceiling at just shy of Brian McCann, who gets overlooked too often in my opinion. That's a pretty high ceiling. McCann was the best pos. player on a 91-win playoff team this year. That's lofty. But it's not Mauer.


Another wow. They have a possible Brian McCann in 4 years? Along with all those pitchers?