2010-11 Fantasy Basketball Week 2: Patience

During some of the draft write-ups, I talked about the importance of being patient with your team, and how this is a marathon, not a sprint. I just want to take a moment to reiterate that. You might be looking at your roster, seeing that some guys are not putting up the numbers that you like, and seeing yourself at a spot in the standings you do not like. You could also be on the flip-side, getting a little too confident after looking everything over. It's only 2-4 games, depending on your player.

Any player can go on a tear for a week. Actually, it can happen quite a bit, as some players are just flat-out streaky. At this point of the season, I'm not really looking to make any moves because we cannot draw many conclusions. Just something to keep in mind.

Below are some of my thoughts from Week 1 action:

How Many Of Y'all Still Like Turnovers In Fantasy Basketball? Because, honestly I hate them. Hate them, hate them, hate them. The turnover leaders this far (top 5) are LeBron, Nash, Amare, Gerald Wallace, and Rajon Rondo. It's clear all of this players suck, right?

The Lakers Are Reducing Kobe's Minutes, But I See No Reason To Fret. While they try and preserve his body for another championship run, Kobe is seeing about 32 minutes/game, as opposed to the 38-39 minutes/game. It isn't the hugest deal, and actually on a per minute basis, he's doing slightly better than last year. He may average more like 22 points than 27, but so what? There's only about 20 guys/year that put up over 20/game. The big thing I'd watch with Kobe, is if he's still getting steals or not. Steals are very valuable, especially from the SG position. At the same time, they require effort to get, and as a guy who's slowing and trying to save his legs, it'd something to watch for over the next few weeks. That's the only thing I'd probably monitor, but at this point it's too early to jump to anything.

The "Big Three" Are Trying To Learn How To Play. I watched two Miami games, and for times, they looked lost on offense. I haven't gotten a chance to watch their more recent game, but from what I saw, they played better when only one of LeBron or Wade was in the game. I've been saying this for months now, but I do not see how these guys can co-exist, as they have similar strengths which demand them handling the ball. Bosh is the early "loser" in terms of fantasy production, as he's averaging 13 points, and 6.5 rebounds a game. It's still early though, and the Heat need to continue to find ways to play together. I'm sure there will be some games where Bosh takes over, so do not get discouraged. Hopefully, you were expecting a decline in each of the individual stats between LeBron, Wade, and Bosh anyhow.

Kevin Love Owners May Be Scratching Their Heads. It's early, but I'm sure it's awesome to see the guy in the Top 5 of rebounding... Then you look at his minutes per game, and realize it's pretty low, at about 25 per game. In your mind, you probably figure if he averaged more like 35 minutes/game, he might be leading the league in it! Here's why he's playing less: his defense is horrendous, and Kurt Rambis isn't going to give a guy a ton of minutes who cannot defend. I have watched two T-Wolves games in their entirety. Love has slow feet, and doesn't even try to take a charge. He simply sticks his arms out, and lets guys go around him. To me, he's one of those guys who looks better in the box score than what you see live.

I Am Loving The NBA League Pass Broadband Preview. I got to watch a lot of games, and am debating ordering it, or not. On one hand, it'd be awesome to have the option to watch almost any game I want. On the other hand, I do have other things going on with life, including season tickets to Iowa State Basketball (which starts up very soon). Not sure how much I'd have to watch to justify the $35/month I'd be spending.

I do not really have a ton to add at the moment. I had to hurry through this, but wanted to put something up as we head into Week 2. With all my teams, I'm standing pat at the moment, and letting the numbers play out a little bit. I have Mo Williams, and Gilbert Arenas on one team, so I'm hoping to see those guys play this week. If you any specific questions about your team, or want to know what you should do with your team, please ask in the comments. I think seeing what you guys are thinking about (if anyone is indeed reading this), will help me with how I should deliver the content. It's just so early. Hopefully after this week, I can get more into the stats, and talk about what I like and do not like from what I'm seeing.

Stick with your guns, and don't do anything to irrational and stupid is my main advice as we get into the second week. Rondo isn't going to average 17 assists/game all season, and nobody in the league is going to make more than 3 threes/game either, so don't make any boneheaded trades banking on that. Enjoy the inflated stats you may have right now, and know it will not last. If you think some guys are off to a slow start, just realize this: if he has one big game, that is going to create a big swing, and will be all good. It's a game of runs anyhow.