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Fantasy Baseball: ESPN Chat With Keith Law

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Here are a few excerpts from Keith Law's chat over on ESPN yesterday:

Dan (NYC)

Hosmer or Freeman? Is Freeman an All Star type player or more of an average 1B?

  (2:07 PM)


Seriously? I know some Braves fans who will argue differently.

Eric (Sacramento)

The Rays were most of their existance were considered the laughing stock of baseball until a few years ago when they became a World Series contender. How did they manage to put together a great team like this and in what is the most brutal division in baseball?

  (1:35 PM)

Good scouting, amateur and pro, and an increased emphasis on statistical analysis in general and on valuing defense in particular.

 I've argued the statistical analysis point with a friend on many occasions. He doesn't beleive it is as prevalent as I say it is.

Craig (Denver)

Starting at second next year for the Rockies: Eric Young, Jr, Chris Nelson, Jonathan Herrera or Plan D?

  (1:41 PM)

I'd like to see Nelson get the shot, but I feel like they're enamored with Young.

Nelson has to get a shot sooner of later, right?

More after the jump:


Bobby (NY)

What is a realistic path for Banuelos to the majors? He is still young for AA right?

  (1:58 PM)

Yes, but I've talked to multiple scouts about him (and I think he'll be here next week) and it sounds like he's not very far off.

How soon before he is traded? Maybe he sees time in the Yankees bullpen in 2011?

Kevin (Sunnyvale, CA)

Is Justin Upton still going to be a star? Why the regression from last year?

  (2:08 PM)

I'd like to give him another year under a new coaching staff. He wasn't the only D-back to have his approach go to pot this year ... but I have also heard he's getting a little like his brother in resistance to instruction. Raw tools remain the same.

I have not heard that before. Do he and Matt Kemp room together or something? Of course, one would not hear this information on a DBacks telecast on Fox.

Kevin (San Diego)

Keith, it seems to me that the Padres have a surplus of solid back-end rotation guys (Richard, Luebke, Stauffer, Castro). Do any of these guys have more than that in them? Also, thoughts on Ernesto Frieri?

  (2:09 PM)

Richard's a little more than that to me now that his arm slot is higher. The other three are all more #3-5 types than

 He is the first to say that Simon Castro is a #3 starter in the majors. Will have to see where he ranks him come 2011.