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Fantasy Football: Randy Moss Traded To Vikings

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If you haven't heard about this, than where have you been over the last 24 hours? Randy Moss was officially traded to the Minnesota Vikings by the New England Patriots this morning for a third round draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Obviously, Moss hasn't been happy with his lack of a contract beyond this season with the Patriots and tensions must have been heating up behind closed doors. On Monday night against the Dolphins, Moss was only targeted once and he was unable to catch the pass. He ended the game without a reception. On the flip side, the Vikings made a strong push a couple of weeks ago to trade for Vincent Jackson. That fell apart when the Chargers would not come to an agreement. They kept their ears to the ground and now have a receiver that can help them right away. (They would have had to wait for Jackson's suspension to end.) Let's quickly run down, who this helps and who this harms in regards to our fantasy rosters.


- Randy Moss -He has been unhappy since the first game of the season. The Patriots seemed to have started to take him for granted, as seen by his catch-less performance on Monday night. Yes, he's the greatest decoy in the game right now but 0 receptions. That's just plain ridiculous. Moss immediately becomes the Vikings WR1 and will continue to be a MUST start for those who own him. He will definitely improve upon his 9 rec-139 yards-3 TD.

- Brett Favre -As we all know, Favre has had a man crush on Moss since his days with Green Bay. The difference is that the Vikings actually went out and got Moss for him. Favre has struggled to start the season and has not looked like he's been enjoying himself. He has been relying heavily on Percy Harvin and Visanthe Shiancoe because Sydney Rice is on the shelf and their other receivers have not been making plays. Favre now has a huge down field threat, that can play the part of Rice of 2009. Favre numbers should go up, especially as the season goes on and they become more comfortable with each other.

- Adrian Peterson -Peterson is playing like a man possessed this season. The only problem was that he was probably going to face a tougher and tougher time of things as the season went on. With Chester Taylor leaving for Chicago, AP has been carrying a heavier load as it is and if defenses continued to load the box, his numbers would start to suffer. Now, defenses have another weapon to worry about in the pass game and Peterson should find more room to run. I don't think his numbers will suffer as he look very dedicated this season to prove that he is still one of the great running backs in the league, if not the number one back right now.


- Tom Brady -Brady is a great quarterback and will continue to be. This has to knock him down a few slots. The Patriots did not receive a WR in return and no one on their roster is of the calibre of Randy Moss. Brady will still put up good numbers and is worthy of starting in all leagues. But it now leaves the door open if you have multiple quarterbacks on your roster, that you might want to play the matchups more than before.

- Wes Welker -He has benefited a lot from playing across from Moss. Welker is a fine receiver and has an awesome sense of positioning himself in exactly the right spot amidst the defense. The tough thing for us is that he arrived at the same time as Moss did. We now get to see if Welker can continue to have success without Moss. I feel that his production will drop but he will still have success against weaker defenses.

- Bernard Berrian -Berrian has been a great disappointment since Favre has taken over as QB. This season has been even worse and that has been without Sydney Rice. Berrian has 5 rec for 38 yards in 3 games. That is horrible and barely rosterable in even the deepest leagues. With the loss of Rice to start the season, many envisioned Berrian stepping up to pick up the slack but I think he even dropped that when it was passed to him. Unless he found his hands over the bye week, it looks like Berrian will sooner than later be the odd man out.

Of course, we get to see the new look Vikings on Monday Night Football against the New York Jets this weekend. It should be a great match-up. Actually, many of the Vikings games become more interesting such as their visits to New England and Green Bay. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.