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MLB Trade Rumors: Paul Konerko To The Diamondbacks??

On Saturday, we received news that the Diamondbacks are going to target White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko once the free agency period starts. My first thought after reading this was, I guess the Diamondbacks are not picking up Adam Laroche's option. Then I was curious how this impacted prospect Brandon Allen.

According to Cot's Contracts, the Diamondbacks have a $7.5 million mutual option on Laroche in 2011, with a $1.5 million buyout, so it appears they will not pick up that option and will make a run at Konerko, who calls Arizona home in the offseason.

Konerko hit .312-.393-.584 with 39 HRs, 111 RBIs and 89 runs scored in 2010. The 39 HRs were the 3rd highest of his career, as were the 111 RBIs. Konerko increased his HR-RBI output from 28-88 in 2009 to 39-111 in 2010. Was this the new norm for Konerko or just a contract push? At 35 years of age, come March 2011, I say it was a contract push. Couple that with the Diamondbacks considering moving their fences back in 2011, Konerko may have a hard time duplicating his 2010 performance, as Chicago is one of the better hitting parks in baseball. The Arizona decision to augment their ballpark in 2011 bares watching when evaluating Diamondbacks hitters and pitchers and

On the other hand, Laroche hit .261-.320-.468 with 25 HRs, 100 RBIs and 75 runs scored. But, he had a 172-48 K/BB rate, resulting in him striking out in 31% of his at bats in 2010. The Diamondbacks decision to not pick up Laroche's option shows they are serious about getting rid of some of their high strikeout hitters this offseason.

Should the Diamondbacks sign Konerko, I can see the them giving Brandon Allen some time in left field but he may not be anything more than a platoon. But time will tell as the offseason is long and just getting started.

I think Konerko can be a Top 10 first baseman in 2011 fantasy leagues in 2011. And as a Dodgers fan, I would hope the Dodgers get involved in the bidding for his services as James Loney is never going to hit for much power in the big leagues.