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Down On The Farm: John Sickels' Top 20 New York Mets Prospects For 2011

Minor League Ball's John Sickels is going through his Top 20 prospects for each MLB team, and yesterday he posted his Top 20 New York Mets prospects for 2011.

Here is an excerpt from his Top 20 Mets list:

4) Aderlin Rodriguez, 3B, Grade B-: I am very impressed with his power but concerned about defense and reports of bad work ethic. 

With top prospect Wilmer Flores possibly moving to 3B, I am wondering if Rodriguez would have to move to the OF? Or does Flores move to the OF. In either case, David Wright would either have to be traded or sign elsewhere once he becomes a free agent in 2014.

Head on over to Minor League Ball and check out the rest of the Mets Top 20 prospects and Sickels thoughts on the organization as a whole.