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Down On The Farm: Prospect Chat With ESPN's Keith Law

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Yesterday, ESPN's Keith Law held a prospect chat covering various topics, as usual, so here are some excerpts:

Jon KK (Elkhart, IN)

Have you seen anything in the AFL that's swayed your prior thinking about a player, for better or worse?

  (1:26 PM)

Yep, Charlie Culberson - much better hitter than I previously thought.

Culberson hit .292-.342-.457 with 16 HRs, 71 RBIs, 80 runs scored and 25 SBs in High-A ball in 2010.

Sam (Chicago)

Is Jason Kipnis going to be in your preseason top 100? Top 50?

  (1:29 PM)

Top 100 questions are a little pointless now because I haven't even begun to map that out. Top 50 at least is clearer, and Kipnis wouldn't be in that list.

Kipnis could be the top 2B prospect in the minors.


What do you think of Derek Norris? The plate discipline is always really impressive and now that he's healthy, he's hitting again. Will he have to change positions, and if so can his bat carry him?

  (1:30 PM)

I don't see him needing to change position. That's their catcher of the future right now.

I hope he is right, as I own him in the UBA NL-only league, but Norris is about 1.5-2 years away from the majors.

Frank Wren (ATL)

Freeman's injury a concern?

  (1:41 PM)

Yes. Hand injuries of any sort are a concern for hitters.

 Curious who the Braves target this offseason-an outfielder, or an outfielder who can play first base?

Adam (Minneapolis)

Any thoughts on another Giants prospect, Thomas Neal? Seems to me if they can get Belt, Neal, Culberson and Kieschnick (sp?) up together that would be a major boost to the long term future of the Giants.

  (1:51 PM)

Belt is a potential star. Culberson is a solid prospect who needs defensive help. Neal is a solid fourth outfielder. Kieschnick is an enigma.


I have a feeling KLaw will have Belt in his top 15 prospects for 2011. Belt could make the Giants out of spring training, but I see them handling him like they handled Posey in 2010. Bring him up in June. 

 More after the jump:

Tripon (L.A.)


Does Zach Lee make your top 100 prospects list? Top 50?

  (1:54 PM)


Not top 50. I do like him, though. Athletic, clean delivery, lot of upside there.

 Top 100? There is talk that Lee could be in the majors in September 2011, but more likely 2012-2013.

Chuck (DE)

Jared Cosart... a potential ace or mid-rotation guy?

  (2:00 PM)

Ace if healthy.

 Cosart could be in the Top 50 of most expert rankings in 2011.

Jason (KC, MO)

please more info on whats up with duffy?

  (2:36 PM)

Jason Grey saw him on Tuesday and said his velocity was a little better. He was very fringy overall when we saw him on Saturday, though.

SB Nation's John Sickels rated Duffy with an A- rating and ranked him above John Lamb and Mike Montgomery amongst Royals prospects.