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Fantasy Baseball: A Look Back At My Pre-Season First Base Rankings

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Before I start ranking players for 2011, I'd like to take a look back at my rankings for 2010. Here is my article ranking first baseman for 2010.
As you can see, I got a few things right and a few things wrong. Here are a few that I got wrong:

I thought about switching Prince Fielder and Ryan Howard, but Fielder will hit for the higher BA. The top 3 first baseman can hit 40+ HRs and should all be first or early second round selections in fantasy drafts.

I think the Royals Billy Butler has the bat to approach 30 HRs in 2010 as he hit 51 doubles last year.

One guy who could enter the top 20 in 2010 if he can show improved power is the Dodgers James Loney. He has the potential to hit 20-25 HRs, and drive in 100 runs, and 2010 just may be the season he reaches that total. 

Obviously, Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder didn't even come close to hitting 40 HRs this year, and for Howard it was the first time he had not hit more than 40 HRs since his rookie season. And, Howard ended the season hitting for a higher BA than Fielder did, so I was wrong on both accounts. But did anyone NOT see Howard hitting 40 HRs back in March?

My prediction for Butler was awful as he ended the season with just 15 HRs, and may have to find himself a new position come 2012 with hot prospect Eric Hosmer performing well in the minors. Will Butler follow the same path as Alex Gordon?

As for James Loney, 2011 is a make or break year for him as an everyday first baseman in my eyes. He has yet to hit for power, but still drove in 88 runs, yet with only 10 HRs to show for it.

I also ranked White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko lower than I should have, but who knew he would go 39-111 in 2010?

Here are some I got right:

I may have the Reds first baseman Joey Votto ranked higher than most people, but he was top 5 or top 6 in OPS last season, and I think he can put together a Top 5 season in 2010 if he stays healthy. He hits in a hitters park and in an improving lineup in Cincinnatti.

One of these years the Tigers Miguel Cabrera will approach the 40 HR club, and it could be in 2010. If he is truly over his off field issues, he can put together a 40-120 season for fantasy owners.

Last year was the first year since 2003 where Adam Dunn didn't hit 40+ HRs in a season. Could this be the new trend for Dunn?

I was high on Reds first baseman Joey Votto for the reasons I explained above and he came through for me as he will more than likely win the NL MVP in the next few weeks. Votto went 37-113-106-16-.324-.424-.600. Is he a top 5 pick in fantasy drafts in 2011?

I also thought Miggy Cabrera could redeem himself after the alcohol incident in 2009, and he had such a good year, that he could surpass Albert as the #1 first baseman in 2011. Miggy went 38-126-111-.328-.420-.622 for the season, and is just hitting his peak years as a hitter as he turns 28 in April.

Dunn approached 40 HRs again in 2010, but ended the season with "only" 38. Dunn is a free agent this offseason, and could improve his value should he sign with a team like the Red Sox or Yankees in the offseason. I read yesterday that the Red Sox are pondering expanding the size of their bullpen at Fenway Park, which would result in the RF fence being moved in by about 10 feet.

I will take a look back at my pre-season 2010 second base rankings in the next day or so.