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Fantasy Baseball: Tristan Cockroft's Top 10 Starting Pitchers For 2011

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I am sure not many of you are Grateful Dead fans like I am, but a friend told me about this kid band that plays the Dead. They are called LeadHeads555, and the kid who plays Jerry Garcia is 12 years old.....and he's GOOD. Take a look:

Anyway, ESPN's Tristan Cockroft took an early look at his Top 75 starting pitchers for 2011 here. But here is his top 10 pitchers for 2011. His top two are no surprise.


Player, Team
1 Roy Halladay, PHI 1
2 Felix Hernandez, SEA 3
3 Adam Wainwright, STL 2
4 Jon Lester, BOS 5
5 CC Sabathia, NYY 7
6 Josh Johnson, FLA 12
7 Tim Lincecum, SF 22
8 Ubaldo Jimenez, COL 8
9 Francisco Liriano, MIN 25
10 Clayton Kershaw, LAD 15

I have had arguments with friends over whether Clayton Kershaw is one of the top 10 pitchers in baseball, and some Fake Teamers disagreed with my ranking a few months back, but Cockroft agrees with me appearently.

I know Yankee fans will like CC Sabathia's ranking, but I am not sure I agree with Cockroft here. I like Josh Johnson ahead of CC for 2011. I think JJ could win 20 games pitching for the Yankees, but how many wins would CC have pitching for the Marlins?

Is Francisco Liriano ranked too high? Should he be in the top 10? Where is Roy Oswalt?