Interested In Fantasy Basketball?

Hey all, I talked to Ray before posting and wanted to ask a couple of things to the community:

1) Do you have an interest in getting some kind of fantasy basketball coverage on the site?

2) Would you be interested in joining an auction, roto, fantasy basketball league I just set up on Yahoo?

Going back to #1, I'm a big fan of this site. Since most of you do not know who I am, I also write for the Iowa State Cyclones SB Nation site (Clone Chronicles). Anyhow, I'm a huge college and NBA fan, and I play a lot of fantasy sports (or at least I used to play a lot of fantasy sports).

After taking a year break from fantasy basketball, I'm trying to get back into it, and was also was thinking about maybe doing a little writing about fantasy basketball, including helping with your draft, moves, etc? I was envisioning putting something up once or twice a week about it? If there isn't an interest, however, then no worries.

If you are interested in playing in my league, email me at .With the league I set up, Yahoo seemed like the most logical place, and because I wanted to build up my fantasy profile, because most of my fantasy basketball experience was NOT on Yahoo, so it looks like I kinda suck at it.It's $25 via paypal, 12 teams, 8 categories, roto, live auction draft. Should be a lot of fun. I set up a poll to see if you guys would want some discussion about fantasy basketball on the site at all as well.