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Fantasy Baseball: Thursday's Roto Roundup

Josh Hamilton will return to the lineup tomorrow, but at this point I'd only put him into the lineup if you needed the most upside possible. I could just as easily see an 0 for 11 weekend as a couple of home runs and some hits.

Jon Garland had a very nice start for the Padres yesterday (6 IP, 0 ER, 8 K), but to me, he's going to see a lot of regression next season. While his ERA has been very nice (3.47), his FIP (4.53) and xFIP (4.41) both point towards that regression. To me, Garland is only going to be a spot starter except in deeper leagues. He simply doesn't strike out enough batters on a consistent basis to warrant a full time starting spot in your fantasy lineup.

Peter Bourjos went 3 for 4 with his 5th homerun and 10th stolen base of the season. He's only played in about 50 games this season since being called up, but he looks like he could be a potential 15 homer, 30-35 stolen base guy. The batting average (.201 on the season) should improve next year, and it's extremely telling to me that the Angels moved a Gold Glove centerfielder in Torii Hunter to make room for him.

Leo Nunez got the save last night for the Marlins, and it looks like the team has put him back into the role as originally thought. Clay Hensley was brought in to pitch the 8th inning, and Nunez was not brought in until it became a save situation in the 9th inning. I'd still be a little wary about him for next season, but it's good to see that he's been given the opportunity.

Jose Bautista has probably been the single greatest value for fantasy owners this season, and continued his performance last night with 2 more home runs and 5 more runs batted in. He's up to 54 home runs and 124 runs batted in.