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Down on the Farm: John Sickel's Top 20 Mets Prospects for 2010

John posted his Top 20 Mets prospects yesterday over at Minor League Ball and here is what he had to say about the Mets system overall:

Overall, I think the Mets system is stronger at the top than a lot of people think, but at the same time they could use more depth in Grade C+/B- types. Some of the Cs have the potential to improve greatly.

His opinion is contrary to the popular MSM groupthink about the Mets farm system, and provides a balance between the extreme negativity towards the Mets system that is so prevalent today.

Here is what he says about the Mets former #2 prospect OF Fernando Martinez:

3) Fernando Martinez, OF, Grade B+: People are now too negative on him. The guy was the equivalent of a college sophomore last year. If a college sophomore got drafted and hit .290/.337/.540 in Triple-A, people would be drooling over him. He's made significant progress refining his tools. My main concern now is health and durability, which keeps him from ranking higher. Fernando Martinez...... is absolutely still an elite prospect, yet people are disappointed in him through no fault of his own.