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Fantasy Baseball: Ray's Mixed League Mock Draft Results

Last night, I participated in a 5x5 mixed league mock draft over at Mock Draft Central. I had the 8th pick in a 10 team draft, and here are the results of my draft:

R1- Matt Kemp and RiRi

R2- Prince Fielder

R3-Justin Upton

R4-Ryan Zimmerman

R5- Derek Jeter

R6-Carlos Lee

R7-Adam Wainwright

R8-Chris Carpenter

R9-Derrek Lee

R10-Torii Hunter

R11-Jorge Posada

R12-Nyjer Morgan

The rest of my draft is after the jump:

R13-Wandy Rodriguez

R14-Jered Weaver

R15-Brian Wilson

R16-Huston Street

R17-Yunel Escobar

R18-Chris Iannetta

R19-Rich Harden

R20-Drew Stubbs

R21-Martin Prado

R22-Jonathan Sanchez

R23-Chad Qualls

Not shocking that I drafted Matt Kemp in the first round. I just hope RiRi doesn't mess with his mind on the field. I seem to be drafting Justin Upton in every draft so far. I can't pass him up in the 3rd round. I had to grab Ryan Zimmerman in the 4th with the scarcity at 3B this year.

A couple surprises for me was Carlos Lee still available in the 6th round, Torii Hunter in the 9th round, and Yunel Escobar in the 17th round.