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Who Would You Rather Have: Kevin Youkilis or Pablo Sandoval??

As fantasy players move from football to baseball, we will start to ramp up the position rankings, Top 5 fantasy players on each team, the Who Would You Rather Have articles, some mock draft results and toss in some sleepers as well.

Today, we will look at the Red Sox Kevin Youkilis and the Giants Pablo Sandoval. Both players can play first base and third base, and both hit for power and a solid average to boot.

Youkilis went 27-94-7-.305-.413-.548-.961 in 2009. His batted ball breakdown couldn't be more consistent, as he has had a LD% around 21%, a GB% around 34%, and a FB% around 44% in each of the last 3 years. He increased his HR/FB% from 14.9% to 16.5% in 2009.

Sandoval went 25-90-5-.330-.387-.556-.943 in 2009 in his first full season as a Giant. Sandoval, or Kung Fu Panda to many, is baseball's version of the Round Mound of Pound. Sandoval hits alot of ground balls (around 45%), but he did increase his FB% from 28.5% to 36.5% in 2009. He hit 44 doubles in 2009, and I am on record saying he will hit 30 HRs in 2010. With the Giants signing of Mark DeRosa, the RMP will move over to first base in 2010, which should be less taxing on his body.

Bill James predicts Sandoval to go 24-97-4-.327-.382-.552-.934 in 2010, but I think he hits 30 bombs. James predicts Youk to go 23-95-6-.289-.394-.492-.886 in 2010. Seems a little low to me as well.