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Fantasy Baseball: Top 5 Minnesota Twins for 2010

Now we move on to the AL Central Champs, the Minnesota Twins.

Joe Mauer- My vote for 2009 Fantasy MVP basically missed the first month of the season and still managed to hit 28 home runs. Mauer has the body to be a big time power hitter in the majors, but the jump in power numbers was definitely not expected to happen so soon. While I don't think Mauer breaks 22 home runs in 2010, I still think he can give you 15-20 and about 95/95 runs/RBI with the ability to hit .330+. If you're drafting Mauer, you're probably going to have to spend a first or second rounder on him, but he could definitely be worth it. Personally, I'm not going anywhere near Mauer at his ADP, but he can easily be worth the gamble.

Justin Morneau- Justin Morneau was on his way to having one of the better power seasons in his career when he was sidelined with a stress fracture in his back. Offseason surgery one his wrist went successful and Morneau seems to be on track to return and be ready by spring training. In any case, his value is at the lowest come draft day and if you can get him at around 50th overall, you're getting excellent value.

Joe Nathan- Not much to say about Nathan. He's consistently near the top of the pack yearly in saves and sports a high 1.00-mid 2.00 ERA with at least 75 K's. Money in the bank.

Denard Span- In his first full season in the majors, Span cemented himself as one of the premier lead-off men in the game. Span will likely score 95+ runs and hit above .300 with 20 or more stolen bases in 2010. If you're in OBP leagues, Span should definitely be a guy you want to target, as he could break .400 during any given year.

Scott Baker- Scott Baker has always been one of my favorite pitchers. When you draft Baker, you'll be happy knowing you're getting a guy who doesn't walk more than 2.05 batter per game (on average) and will probably keep his WHIP in the low 1.10's. He's surely not going to keep the ball on the ground (33.7% career GB%) and he will probably give up more than 1 HR per game, but he will likely give you an ERA in the high three's and be a solid starter.

Sleeper Alert. Kevin Slowey- Slowey missed three months due to surgery on his wrist in 2009. As I said with Baker, Slowey won't put the ball on the ground very much and will probably allow at least 1 HR/G. But, as with Baker, Slowey will keep his walks low and by "low" I mean under 2 BB/9. He won't strike out a ton, but with such elite control and where he'll be drafted, he's definitely worth the pick.