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Fantasy Baseball: Top 5 Toronto Blue Jays for 2010

The Toronto Blue Jays would have looked a lot better with Roy Halladay topping this list, but the December trade with Philly, squashed that idea.

1. Adam Lind- After being pretty highly touted in previous years, Adam Lind finally made his presence known by becoming a four category player in only his first full season. I'm not completely confident Lind will put up an OPS above .900 in 2010, but I do think he will be the main RBI guy in the Blue Jays lineup.

2. Aaron Hill- After a decent 2007 season, Hill played all of 55 games in 2008. He was probably not drafted in any leagues (maybe deep AL-only leagues) and ended up the season being one of the more valuable players in the game. Hill doesn't have great plate patience (career .337 OBP) and probably won't hit 36 home runs again in his career, but he can still be a viable fantasy option at a position where there aren't many consistent guys.

3. Vernon Wells- It's pretty bad when your third best player  (fantasy wise) is Vernon Wells. I would really like to have Travis Snider in this spot, but since he hasn't show much at the major league level, I have to go with Wells. Wells won't do anything above-average, but he could make for a decent bench option/fill in player.

4. Jason Frasor-If he's given the closer job, Frasor could be a very good late round gem in your fantasy drafts in 2010. Not much else to say about him.

5. Travis Snider- I decided I wasn't going to leave him off the list entirely. He's got upside to be on the top of this list and near the top of all outfielders in fantasy baseball, but he hasn't had enough time in the majors to show what he can do. Bill James is projecting a line of 82/26/90 with an average of .275. If Snider can put up numbers like that, he'll probably move up to number two on this list. If you're in the latter rounds of your draft and are looking for a high upside pick, he's an excellent choice.

Sleeper Alert. Brett Wallace- In two levels and two different teams, Wallace had a combined total of 20 home runs. Wallace will probably be given an extended shot during spring training and may very well end up the opening day first baseman in Toronto. If that's the case, he could be worth a flier in late rounds in hopes he can hit at the ML level.