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Down on the Farm: Project Prospect's Top 10 Prospect List for 2010

Adam Foster posted his Top 10 prospects for 2010 over at his site, Project Prospect, today, so here is his list-in order this time:

Rk   Player   Pos   Comments   Age   Org   Lvl
1   Jason Heyward   RF   Has the skills to turn into one of baseball's best hitters; back injury is a concern   20.7   ATL   AAA
2   Desmond Jennings   CF   Solid bet to surface as an above-average big leaguer, with his D and contact bat   23.4   TB   AAA
3   Jesus Montero   C/DH   Sick power bat and an elite contact hitter, though he's probably not a catcher   20.4   NYY   AA
4   Stephen Strasburg   RHP   May emerge as a No. 1 as soon as '10; painful mechanics will lead to arm injury   21.7   WAS   NCAA
5   Carlos Santana   C   Power-hitting catcher with outstanding patience; could become a plus defender   24.0   CLE   AA
6   Dustin Ackley   CF/LF   In convo for decade's best college hitter; patient LD bat and good defensive OF   22.1   SEA   NCAA
7   Brian Matusz   LHP   Command pitcher with a power arsenal and MLB track record; potential No. 1-2   23.2   BAL   MLB
8   Buster Posey   C   Polished all-around hitter and a solid defender; very high floor as well as ceiling 23.0   SF   MLB
9   Justin Smoak   1B   Elite patience and power to go along with good contact skills; limited to 1B on D   23.3   TEX   AAA
10   Fernando Martinez LF/RF   Plus power and contact skills could allow him to ascend to stardom one day   21.5   NYM   MLB

Interesting that he thinks Strasburg's mechanics will eventually lead to an arm injury. He talks more about that in his Top 10 chat today. Also interesting, there are 4 NL players and 6 AL players. Wonder how the other Top 10 lists break down?