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Down on the Farm: Selected Q & A From ESPN Chat With Jim Callis

Yesterday's ESPN chat with Baseball America's Jim Callis was chock full of interesting Q & A that fantasy owners should be aware of, whether you value his opinion or not. Here a few to sink your teeth into:

Chris (S.I., NY)
Jim what does this do to Posey now that the Giants resigned Molina. Do we see him more then another September Call up in 2010?

Jim Callas:

I don't think Posey will have to wait that long. He has some receiving issues the Giants want him to address. If he takes care of business, I think he'll be up by midseason.

I am not so sure. What happens if the Giants are battling for the division or wildcard. Do they bring up Posey and throw him into the fire. Or do they bring him up in June, before the races heat up and let him catch a few games per week until he gets comfortable?

Raul (Miami, FL)

Who will start for Marlins at 1B: Sanchez or Morrison? And what do you see them doing as a rookie?

Jim Callis:

Sanchez may win the job initially, but I think Morrison gets more at-bats. I'll project him to hit .275/.360/.450 in 350 at-bats.

This will probably be Gaby Sanchez's last chance with the Marlins with Logan Morrison so close to being ready. I wonder if the Marlins will give Sanchez a shot at 3B should they deal Jorge Cantu at some point?

Rory (Sacramento):

Is there a past or present player that you would compare Jesus Montero to in terms of what you expect him to be?

Jim Callis:

Miguel Cabrera.

Oh no you didn't!!! Miggy Cabrera?? This is after someone else compared Montero to Manny Ramirez a few weeks ago. Maybe that is why the Yankees don't feel the need to re-sign Johnny Damon.

Pat (Long Island):

better 2010 Justin Upton or Grady Sizemore??

Jim Callis:


This could be the last year fantasy owners can draft Upton in the second round or later. But a healthy Sizemore is valuable as well.